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The “Sisterhood Edition”: An Ode To Black Women

Uzuri Magazine is a luxury publication aiming to put Africa where it belongs (at the top) and to ensure that Black women are represented in a body of art that they can be proud of. The representation of black women in entertainment and especially the beauty industry is dear to our heart. There is power in beauty, and our ability to define what beauty is in every social context. Uzuri means beauty in the Swahili language because Africa, Africans, and black women embody that which is good and beautiful. Our first edition, “The sisterhood Edition” is dedicated to the women whose beauty are unmatched. From our mothers, sisters and daughters to those making moves in the fashion, entertainment, and art industry; as well as the women taking on politics through various activism. We hope you find the joy of reading Uzuri as much as we did in putting it together.


Shirley De Lawrence

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