As the sun warms the air on an almost deserted golden beach, we set our cameras ready to indulge in the beauty of Wimbi beach, the perfect backdrop for our destination shoot. The mid-morning breeze gently rocks the palm leaves whilst local fishermen line the shores waiting patiently for their mid-morning catch… With the sun already out to play,  reflecting beautifully on the melanin-rich skin of our model. Along the far northern coastline of Mozambique, you will find the bustling town of Pemba, a place full of life and character. A few kilometres out of the town you will find Wimbi beach, where most of the accommodation based in the area ranges from five-star luxury hotels to down to earth backpackers lodgers. Wimbi is 12km of beach, sprinkled with people from all walks of life all looking for the same thing – relaxation in the pure beauty of complete exoticism